Manila based startup game development company, Popsicle games just launched 2 brand new games for iOS and Android: One Punch Hero and Rooftop Survivor.

One Punch Hero

One Punch Hero

One Punch Hero is a stress-relieving game that allows players to one-punch bad guys. The game features 20 goons plus spoofed characters of Binay, Erap, Stalin, Osama, etc, whom you can punch to your heart’s delight for as long as you tap the screen at the right time.

While the game also features in-app purchases, the option to purchase power-up and “secret” characters do not show up in the menus. Competing with your friends’ scores show up on Leaderboard, which adds competitive element to the game.

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Rooftop Survivor

Rooftop Survivors

The game has one salient premise: grab your sniper rifle and survive the night from flesh-eating undead.

Gameplay mechanics is pretty simple – you’ve got a sniper rifle that allows you to kill zombies. The rifle has a laser sight, which allows you to see where your bullet is heading. As a bonus, your bullet can ricochet off walls, which I quite find magical. There’s one big catch though – while your starting gun and ammo are unlimited, reloading the damn gun takes about 1.5 seconds.

We played the game for a couple of minutes and it was helluva addicting game. We were able to kill about 108 walkers, and survived for 8 nights.

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