Our Collab Episode is very special this week. We unboxed OnAndOff BuddyPhone, a headphone designed for kids’ safe listening. What it does is that it keeps the sound pressure down to levels perfect for kids, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The headphones also has a built-in BuddyCable audio splitter that supports up to 4 more BuddyPhones. This allows kids to share the audio from a single source – a laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone.

In this episode of Collab, I am joined by my 2 kids – Piero and Matteo. They are allowed to use a tablet or a mobile phone for not more than 30-minutes a day, and we thought that BuddyPhone is the perfect accessory for them. Check out the video above, or click this link to go to YouTube.



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