Last January 16, we ran a promo for a company that developed AnyFlip. AnyFlip is a digital flipbook maker that can help you to convert PDF to flipbook with the online and offline solutions. It can help to convert your PDFs into an interactive, realistic Flash & HTML5 flipbook in minutes. The 3D realistic page-flipping effect is bound to surprise the users. The rich media flipbook can go mobile with the social network integration.

Their team happily sent us a Platinum code for us to try and we’re here to report our experience to you.

AnyFlip provided us with a Platinum version for our review.

Perfect for Trainers and Educators

AnyFlip 1

I was also sales trainer for an insurance company. Had this product been developed when I was still a trainer, this could have been the app that I would use to convert our presentation materials to interactive ones.

It is to good, you can actually develop an HTML5 interactive computer based training with this one.

Damn too Easy to Use

AnyFlip 2

You don’t need to learn to code in order for you to create interactive magazines or even presentation materials. In fact, it’s so damn easy to use, all you need are a compiled PDF soft copy of the material and little tweaks on its Design Settings to convert flipbook

Add Video and Audio [Pro, Platinum and Enterprise only]

AnyFlip 3

It is possible for you to add various types of contents on your flipbook.

While it possible to just convert your PDF to HTML5 (and embed or install it on your server), you can also go full-nerd style by accessing the Flip Page Editor. With it, you can add links, movies, YouTube, Vimeo, audio, image, slider, text flash, hotspots, buttons and shapes. In fact, you can just simply upload a blank PDF, and use the editor to create a presentation out of scratch.

Create and Manage Books Online

AnyFlip 4

AnyFlip has an app version available for Mac and Windows. Amazingly, it also has web version available so you can access your flipbooks anytime and anywhere. If you’re working on something on the Windows or Mac app version (for instance), you can upload it to your AnyFlip cloud and edit it from the Manage Books section.

There’s a Free Version

AnyFlip 5

AnyFlip is available for everyone. Of course, just like any legitimate freemium app or web application, there are always premium subscription options that you may avail.

The free version is pretty packed. You can do most of the bare necessities like the cloud and access to the application. There are features that – sort of – push you to avail of its Pro or Platinum versions like Plugin for ‘Video, Audio and Images’ and Custom Logo and Branding.

Showcase your Portfolio

Anyflip 6

Check out the embedded interactive sample below to see how I managed to convert our media kit to HTML5.


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