AnyFlip is a digital flipbook maker that can help you to convert PDF to flipbook with the online and offline solutions. It can help to convert your PDFs into an interactive, realistic Flash & HTML5 flipbook in minutes. The 3D realistic page-flipping effect is bound to surprise the users. The rich media flipbook can go mobile with the social network integration.

Also, AnyFlip is the interactive flipping book publishing platform for magazines, catalogs, brochures and more. Anyone can read, upload and share publications online.

Top features of AnyFlip:

Convert PDF to Interactive Online Publications
Everyone can turn PDF into flipbook and customize it on the desktop version. Also, you can upload the PDF to AnyFlip Cloud Platform directly to get your excellent publications online.

AnyFlip 1

Customize the Outlook of Flipbook
AnyFlip allows users to design the flipbook with beautiful and attractive templates. It makes your flipbook more professional with the book-like reading interface. Besides, you can add themes, company logo, and password protection and so on to modify the flipbook.

AnyFlip 3

Dynamic advertising banner
For the online promotions, AnyFlip allows you to add advertising banner to broadcast the products. The advertising banner can in the format of text, images and videos, which can help to catch the attention of readers.

AnyFlip 4
Powerful Page Editor
To enrich the content, AnyFlip allows users to add the multimedia content, such as videos, audios and images slideshow etc. You can also manage the pages with small powerful tools. Besides, you can achieve animation effect for the multimedia to engage the readers.

AnyFlip 5
Mobile Ready
AnyFlip is mobile friendly with the rich features. Once publishing, the readers can easily access the online flipbook with the mobile devices no matter where they are and what time it is.

AnyFlip 6

Multiple publishing options
To meet the different needs of users, AnyFlip allows users to publish the flipbook with multiple options. You can publish offline and then upload to your own server. Or publish it as the WordPress & Joomla flipbook Plug-in. Perhaps, you can directly email the page flipping publications to friends and customers.

AnyFlip 7

Online Cloud Publishing
If you do not have a website, you can publish your magazines, eBooks to AnyFlip online cloud publishing platform instantly. It is secured and you can manage, share and sell online interactive publications as you like.

AnyFlip 8

Online bookcase management
If you upload the flipbooks online, AnyFlip will automatically collect all your digital publications in a nice looking bookcase. The bookcase can also be embedded on your website or share to your social network.

AnyFlip 9
To conclude, AnyFlip is the digital flipbook publishing solution to help publishers showcase eBooks, magazines and catalogs online and offline. Let alone this time is three months platinum plan for free. Why not try and create your flipbook online to boost your sales?

Our friends from AnyFlip, sent us a review code so we can try their applications. We’ll try and review it ourselves and will get back to you the soonest. Meanwhile, if you guys want to try their service FOR FREE, go ahead and click the link below and input the provided code so you can get access to the 3-months FREE service.

Get your code by entering your email. You must activate the account with the code before Jan 31st. About how to activate the codes, you can refer to .

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