Pioneer House Makati – Get ready to have a gadget adventure of a lifetime! Pioneer, in collaboration with MacPower, is launching a great gadget sale from March 2 to 4, 2016 at the 3F Customer Engagement Center, Pioneer House Makati.

Some of the products to be offered with up to 50% discount are Homido, Rhinoshield, MB Quart, Boom Pods, UBooly, Felix, Pinlo, Flux Mob, Lumee, and Dog&Bone.


The exciting news doesn’t end there! For every purchase of a gadget, you get a FREE travel insurance plan (Pioneer’s Travel Buddy, Travel Buddy Adventure, and Travel Light) from MacPower.

Drop by the booths (yes, we’re having three booths!) and get a chance to win special freebies when you participate in the activities.

Invite your friends to have fun as you explore the world with these fun gadgets. See you there!

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