KEF Officially Comes to the Philippines, sets up shop in Cobys Gear Gadget at Shangri-La Plaza Ortigas


Last May 12, we were invited by KEF to visit their first store in the Philippines inside Cobys Gear Gadget at Shangri-La Plaza Ortigas. The place is a little hidden, but it promises a wealth of awesome audio devices such as reference speakers, headphones, portable speakers and a lot more.


KEF has been around since 1961, and they are regarded as sound innovators and premium makers of audio devices. It was founded at Tovil in Kent, England, and was later bought by Hong Kong-based GP Acoustics.

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During our quick trip to their shop, they treated us to a delightful experience of their products. They let us watch Star Wars The Force Awakens using their surround speakers, and had us listen to acoustic music with their reference speakers. Mind you, their products cost a lot, but if you’re a sound enthusiast, you wouldn’t mind spending half a million pesos for reference speakers that let you listen to every minute detail of your favorite music.

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If you can’t spare much moolah for reference loudspeakers, you’d be happy to know that KEF also sells computer and bluetooth speakers, earphones and headphones.

My personal favorite is KEF Muo, a bluetooth speaker that, according to Unbox’s John Nieves, “ain’t cheap, but it’s worth it.” It features a unique driver technology that produces CD-like quality wireless treaming, and boasts a build designed by Ross Lovegroe of KEF Muon Fame. This is available at KEF for PhP14,000.

Another device that piqued our interest is the X300A Wireless. It’s a hi-fi bluetooth speakers designed for PCs and Mac. Put your headphones on and check out X300A in action on the video below.

If you’re interested to buy the X300A, be prepared to shell out PhP44,000.

Another headphones that’s probably worth saving up is the the KEF M100. It is a PhP6000 in-ear earphones, with earbuds angled directly to the ear canal. This ensures delivery of sound with full precision without compromising comfort. We’ve got a unit to unbox and test so stay tuned for our video and review soon.

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Cobys Gear Gadget

Cobys Gear Gadget isn’t just KEF’s hub. It also houses GP Batteries, where you can find GP powerbanks, accessories and battery solutions. Pelican watertight cases and lighting tools are also available at Cobys Gear Gadget.

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