That’s it?

Often, this is the question we gamers ask ourselves when we finish a much-hyped game’s single-player campaign. As is the case with most blockbuster shooter games, the single-player is too short that leaves story-starved gamers hanging. Others would like to jump-in multiplayer right away, without even getting their feet wet on the story mode.


Not The Division. This “loot-game” set in mid-crisis Manhattan actually encourages you to do the story mode first or if you like, the “multiplayer story mode”. You level-up as you do the campaign and your level progression stays with you even when you play in the multiplayer-only zones such as the Dark Zone. Upgrading the Base of Operations to 100% is just the start of the game.


The length of playtime I have for The Division is 3 days 1 hour and 24 minutes to be exact. That’s more than average for a game. Though I no longer play The Division daily, it’s still in my weekly rotation. Despite having to compete with other awesome multiplayer games out there (Overwatch), The Division somehow pulls me back just to check on what Ubisoft has in store for the game.

Here are Top 5 reasons why The Division should be in your rotation:

1. Awesome new content

The Division regularly churns out new content. Be it new incursions, gear sets and better ways of playing the game like Dark Zone Checkpoint Stashes (yey! Finally, no more going back to the Base of Operations to get my Dark Zone loot.). Ubisoft listens to The Division community and constantly improves gameplay.

2. Vanity

Hey, it’s New York. Why not go to war in style? A plethora of options awaits every Division player. Want an all purple garb as a tribute to Prince? Check. How about going about your business like small town deputy sheriff Rick Grimes’ s get-up in The Walking Dead? Check. How about mixing both with a SWAT helmet? Check. The third-person view makes you appreciate your style even more. One wish I have though is to include well-known brands like Under Armour to add to the realism.

3. Decaying New York

Haven’t been there but the depiction of urban semi-decay is on the money. High school gymnasiums converted to safe houses. Inches of snow on abandoned police cars. Makeshift tents as checkpoints in the middle of W 53rd St. War-torn New York is still pretty with still lots of area to be unlocked in future DLCs.

4. Loot

Guns and gear are gold in The Division and finding better loot is key to being able to unlock fresher content. It’s why people play but to me, the best part is in the hunt. Reviving downed teammates or boosting each other’s capabilities while gunning a high-value target mission is what it’s all about. The reward is in the hunt, what you get after is just cherry.

5. Dark Zone

The best two words in the game. This game mode is what sets it apart from all other multiplayer-shooters out there. You just don’t know when a player will change his stripes and pop you from behind while extracting your hard-earned loot. It’s that intense and constant tension of the unpredictability of a backstabbing a-hole. You can become a rogue agent yourself and be an apex predator with an insane gear score and pick off noobs. But then, where’s the fun in that. Betrayal is the name of the game.

How else can we make this game better? For starters, I wish there was a game mode where all power ups or gear scores disabled. This is to encourage a level playing field where noobs, enthusiasts, and hard-core Division players can test their skills. Currently, players with insane gear scores have the upper-hand. A 30+ variance in gear scores between players will almost always result in a kill for the stronger player. What else? Add more realism by putting in one-shot headshot kills. No radar scanning. No health restore but allow bleeding to be stopped. Award PVP teamplay. Oh, Ubisoft, add this game mode and everyone may just add this to their daily rotation.




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