The Best Videos Smart Communications Produced this First Half of 2016


Content creation has evolved from pure textual to interactive video content. Today, this shift and evolution of content need apt and accessible distribution platform. We call this social media; and most media outlets and brands use this platform to reach the desired audience.

Smart Communications, the country’s leading telecommunications company, has produced captivating videos. We are sharing the best ones we watched this year, and tell our thoughts about how it made an impact to us.

4. How to survive a Break-up

Most of us had gone through this painful experience called “breaking-up”. Some easily moved on, and others are stuck in break-up-limbo. This video, which aimed to promote BigBytes Barkada 99, showed how to survive a break-up and move on. The video didn’t actually “show” the steps on how to survive one, but dropped the fact that lovers come and go, and friends share forever. In the end, this makes the heartbroken survive a nasty break-up.

As of this writing, the video got 1,101,567 views on YouTube; and 1,600,219 views on Facebook. This is the maiden “adventure” of Alec and Pippo. “How to be friends again after elections” and “How to win back your ex” were posted 3 months and 4 months later.

3. Welcome Change!

Posted during their unveiling of Smart’s and PLDT’s new logo, “Welcome Change!” tells the story of a mom who uses “Socratic method” to make herself closer to her daughter. See how a regular “lambing lang” moments of mom bridge gaps by changing how she connects.

This video has video over 4,286,839 views on YouTube; and 3,478,747 views on Facebook.

2. Teach Dad Today

This is probably one of the best Father’s day videos I’ve seen this year. “Teach Dad Today” tells story of how the father and son reminisced the past, and tried to connect old and new technologies they both shared.

Apart from paying homage to all dads during Father’s Day, the video was also successful in showing the different products Smart.

As of today, the video gained over 88,000 views on YouTube; and 331L views on Facebook

1. Break down barriers and welcome change

This is Smart Communications’ bravest video yet. It tells the story of a a guy who’s having a hard time accepting the Facebook friend request of his father. He fears that his father might not accept him for being gay, and for seeing photos of him with his partner on Facebook.

The story was picked up various media outlets and websites like Mashable, Lionheartv and Techpinas, and described it as “brave”, and “touching”.

According to the Digital Media Head of Smart, Abbie Real-Dimaano, the video reached “1M organic views in just 28 hours”. This is a big deal in social media insights as it shows the heart and competence of the brand, and the people who worked hard to produced the video. It also conveyed the powerful message of the video. As a consumer, this is how I interpreted it: Smart has changed its logo to make me understand that they value innovation. Smart is ready to crumble barriers and change the status quo to bring new innovations and good changes to its consumers.

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