The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is finally out! We had a chance to try both the market and engineering versions of the phone, and I must admit that I’m dazzled with everything about it. Everything.

We don’t have much time to tell you everything, so we’re trimming things down to 5. Without further ado, here are 5 things we like about the Galaxy Note 7.

5. It has an Iris Scanner


Galaxy Note is the first smartphone made by Samsung, which features iris scanner. With this, you will finally be able to unlock the device with just a blink of an eye – literally. I was able to try this myself on the market version of the device and I can attest that it really works.

After setting up the default PIN, I was given the chance to set up the iris scanner, which took us less than 15 seconds. With it perfectly set up, unlocking the phone is crazy fast. My only gripe was I had to swipe the screen first, position my eyes to the iris scanner before the phone unlocked. It isn’t something like it will unlock just by simply looking it without touching anything. Nevertheless, it’s an awesome new feature and definitely pimps out the security feature of the device.

4. New S Pen

The new S Pen now has a smaller .7mm tip. It also has an improved pressure sensitivity, which makes users feel as if they are writing using a real pen. It is complemented with the added software goodies made exclusively for the Galaxy Note 7 and S Pen via the revitalized TouchWiz UI.

Oh, and my personal favorite – Screen Off memo! This allows users to write on screen using the S Pen without spending too much battery lfie.

3. Gorgeous 2K Display is Gorgeous

The Galaxy Note 7 deserves more than just a pair of ‘Gorgeous’. Its screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 looks utterly amazing. With 518ppi, I was astounded with the level of detail its screen projects.

2. It’s Fast – 135K Antutu Score

No kidding! 135K Antutu! This does not define the exact performance of the smartphone, but it should – in a way – give you an idea how fast this is. Imagine

Imagine yourself playing your favorite games with this device. This is totally a beast, and its core speed is enough to say that you’re going to be getting a good worth of your moolah with this device.

1. It’s Beautiful, Inside and Out

I am impressed. It is fast and powerful, but apart from that, the phablet isn’t just an ordinary piece of slab used for communication. The overall new design makes it very comfortable to hold, and Samsung was able to do that without compromising elegance, and of course, sheer power.

Black Onyx and Gold Platinum will initially be available, but Samsung will bring in Coral Blue variant by end of Quarter 4.

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