Winning with Windows: Cherry Mobile Alpha Prime 5 Consumer Review


Cherry Mobile continues to break boundaries! From its usual array of Android-powered smartphones, the Pinoy brand has tapped Microsoft for a more innovative device which we can call, “Alpha Prime 5.” As part of Cherry Mobile’s Alpha Prime line, the Alpha Prime 5 exceeds our expectations in terms of its look and performance. Scroll down for our more detailed review.


The Look

Upon setting our eyes on the Alpha Prime 5, we couldn’t believe how Cherry Mobile made it look classier than the ones they produced before. While its 5-inch screen seems to be common among smartphones, the Alpha Prime 5 stands out with its HD IPS display feature which is outstanding for an affordable device. We’ll get to the price later.


Cherry Mobile Alpha Prime 5 16
The smartphone’s façade includes the call speaker and three capacitive – back, Windows icon, and search – keys which don’t light up when tapped. We find this a big no-no since we’re more familiar with well-lit buttons especially when there’s a need for us to check our smartphones in the middle of the night.

On its top part sits a 3.5mm headphone jack beside a microUSB port. The right side features volume rockers as well as the power button. However, our favorite part is the backside which shows the protruding camera just above the “Windows Phone” logo. Don’t worry, the Cherry Mobile logo stays on the lower part of the device.

The Performance

Now we move on to the interesting part. Although we’re not that of a big fan when it comes to smartphones having a dual micro-sim feature, we like its Windows 10 Mobile OS with Quad Core processor, making it a top Cherry Mobile smartphone. As we stream videos through YouTube, there are minimal (but forgivable) lags. Scrolling from one application to another is something patient people would appreciate.

Should we blame our ISP? We don’t think so. Perhaps the Alpha Prime 5 isn’t 100% ready to compete with other related smartphones, but who knows?

Given its OS, one needs a Microsoft account to get started. Some of us have a Microsoft ID, but not everyone has the luxury of time to register for an account. This can be a hassle since the Alpha Prime 5 requires an ID when downloading applications. To access the applications, we tap the “All Apps” portion on the lower right screen. A list of pre-installed applications shows up, giving us more time to search than find what we’re looking for. In addition, its “Home” interface looks cluttered with boxes containing Microsoft Office, Weather application, and Xbox icon to name a few.


Cherry Mobile Alpha Prime 5 8If we can skip talking about its 8MP rear and 2MP front cameras, we would. Kidding aside, Cherry Mobile still has to work on its camera for it to be noticeable in this competitive market. Whether we like it or not, some brands produce fantastic, DSLR-like cameras for their smartphones despite not having an award-winning processor to lure customers. That’s a marketing strategy, friends.

Sample Photos to be posted in a little bit.

Other Features

Other features of the Alpha Prime 5 consist of: having an 8GB memory, 2100mAh battery – that’s why its life can only last for a day when used with Internet connection, 1GB RAM, Andreno 304 GPU, and 4G network. It is also Windows 10 Mobile LTE Ready for heavy data users.

The Conclusion

For Php3,999, the Alpha Prime 5 is a steal. This is perfect for those who aren’t that much of a “techie” since it doesn’t have any special feature other than Microsoft’s existing applications. For some, size doesn’t matter at all; but for us, it does. If we can’t throw this smartphone in our pockets, then we can’t always bring this along as we play Pokemon GO. As the cliché says, “There’s always a room for improvement.” In spite of all this, Cherry Mobile wins the game of modernizing its brand with a partnership with Windows.

Cherry Mobile Alpha Prime 5 Full Specifications

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