The demand for skilled, dedicated and reliable workers in the service oriented sectors is ever-growing. And with this, the arrival of GrabJobs in the Philippines comes in good timing.

GrabJobs is a Singapore-based job marketplace which aims to become a platform wherein employers can easily get in touch with applicants in a matter of minutes through a mobile app.

Now, some might say, there’s Linkedln for that. So is GrabJobs a competitor? not quite. It actually aims to complement Linkedln by targeting a different part of the workforce. While the former focuses more on white collar jobs and is mostly web-based, GrabJobs is a light app which focuses on providing opportunities in retail, service, and other blue collar industries.

In fact, GrabJobs has been making good progress in Singapore, with over 25,000 downloads and some big names in its client list such as Foodpanda, H&M, and Holiday Inn, it has been rated as the number one job app both in Singapore and in the Philippines.

Having worked in with several establishments in Singapore’s food and beverage industry, GrabJobs CEO and co-founder Emmanuel Crouy has noticed one constant challenge, which is unreliability and inconsistency in staffing. As such, GrabJobs was created in order to address these issues that employers are facing. And after receiving funding from investors for expansion, the company decided to tap on the Philippines first.

What separates GrabJobs from its competitors are the features that it provides both for the employers, and the job seekers. For example, Employers can broadcast job opportunities faster using push notifications, search and filter candidates, and even contact potential candidates through chat all within the app itself!


For job seekers, they can easily apply for the jobs they want with a touch of a button. Through push notifications, they can also be alerted whenever a new job has been posted or if chosen by an employer as candidate for a certain position.

Within the first week of its soft launch here in the Philippines, GrabJobs already has 1000 job seekers registered in its app. Moreover, a large number of employers have already engaged in using it as well such as SM Retail, Metro Retail, The Peninsula Manila, and Jollibee.

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