YouTube has just launched YouTube Kids in the Philippines!


YouTube Kids is an app designed for children and their parents alike. It makes it easier for kids to search for videos on topics they may want to explore.


The app’s overall design makes it easier for kids to navigate with big icons, and it also features voice recognition, so that even when they can’t spell out the words, they can just talk to the device and the app will try to search for that specific content.

Videos are categorized in Shows, Music, Learning and Explore for easier navigation. Kids can search for specific content such as “Why penguins waddle” or “Reading Rainbow”. And of course, they can also watch videos from channels that they already like.

The app also focuses on Parental control, giving parents many options to control the experience of their kids. They can easily flag videos which they deem inappropriate, limit their kids’ screen time, turn off background music and sound effects, and set a passcode for accessing the app’s settings.

YouTube Kids can also be viewed on a big screen using Chromecast, Apple TV, Game Consoles or a Smart TV.

The YouTube Kids App is now available for download on the Google Playstore and Apple’s App Store. For more information you may visit



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