Christmas is just around the corner, and I believe that some of you are still thinking of what gift to buy for your techie friends. Allow me to help you end your search with our list. Note that 2 of the products on our list here are out of stock, but we’ll definitely update this post once the items are made available.

What to buy for koya or ate techie?

1. Pyxis Power Bank S2 10,000mAh: PhP790
2. Pyxis Mountable 10,000mAh Power Bank:
3. Cherry Mobile Car Charger (Dual USB): out of stock
4. Cherry Mobile 1.8m Heavy Duty Data and Charging Cable: PhP200
5. Cherry Mobile USB Car Charger (3.4A + Express Lightning/Micro Car Charger: out of stock
6. Tronsmart 54W 5-Port USB Charger Charging Station With Quick Charge 2.0: PhP1,680
7. Tronsmart 2 Smart ports + 1 Quick Charge (Model W3PTA) Charger: PhP1,090
8. Tronsmart [3 Pack] 20AWG Durable Charging Cable: (1) PhP500; (2) PhP700


We will raffle off 4 accessories, so be sure to stay tuned on our Facebook page ( for the full announcement.


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