2016 is an amazing year for tech and gaming industry. Some brands pitted against each other in various categories, which eventually benefited consumers.

A lot of smartphone brands┬áput a lot of their focus on the mid-range category, which – in effect – dissected the latter to cater to Class B and Upper Class C markets.

This year also had a lot of upsets and disappointments in tech: Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the demise of 3.5mm headphone jack of Apple iPhone 7, recall of GoPro Karma and No Man’s Sky. We can go on, and you will probably find yourself nodding until we end.

Nevertheless, we are happy and determined to announce this year’s winners of Gadget Pilipinas Award. We made things scientific on determining the nominees and winners of awards of certain categories. We have to note that while there are nominees and winners that also advertise on our website, we would like to assure everyone that the results are authentic and unrigged. This year, we partnered with Gameplan, Inc. and Palm Solutions, and used their software to analyze brand and basic consumer information, behaviour and sentiment. Their program sniffed Facebook through Datasift, a leading social data, blog data and news data software, licensed by Facebook.

Without further ado, here are the winners of Gadget Pilipinas Awards 2016. All winning brands will receive a certificate and plaque. With their permision, we will visit their office to give their award personally.

Congratulations to all the winners.





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