There is one good reason for upgrading your PC right now. ASUS is currently running a promo now, which is tailor-fitted to gamers and gaming PC “upgraders”

When you purchase a Radeon RX470 graphics card, you will get yourself a free Complete First Season HITMAN game. The episodic game is an action-adventure stealth video game, which stars the popular antagonist-assassin Agent 47. The game promises multiple ways to explore the world, eliminate subjects and execute objectives in sandbox-type format. It offers multitudes of high-profile targets in France, Italy, Morocco, Thailand, USA and Japan (no Philippines yet in Season 1 though).

Immerse yourself freely and deeply to the game by playing it using the Radeon RX 470 by ASUS. This 4th generation graphics core architecture features asynchronous shaders. It is designed perfectly for gamers who wish to experience smooth gameplay and performance.




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