Have you ever had that problem where the colors of a photo print doesn’t match with what appears in your monitor? If your answer is yes, then Datacolor has something in store for you.

Meet the Sypder5 series colorimeters, compact, portable, and designed for easy calibration of your desktop or laptop monitor. The patented 7-color detector optical engine has now been redesigned for more accurate shadow detail and smoother gradients.



Looking for an affordable color accuracy solution? the Syper5EXPRESS is a perfect fit for you. It provides a simple, easy to follow, 4 step calibration guide, using a before and after feature for easy comparison through a composite image. What’s more, the product even supports multi-monitor setups.


If you want to take your artistic skills to the next level by achieving precise color accuracy, then the Spyder5PRO is for you. Compared to the EXPRESS version, this one offers advanced features including an integrated ambient light sensor, an an advanced array of calibration options plus the ability to import images before and after the process.


The Spyder5ELITE is designed for professionals who demand the highest level of precision in terms of color accuracy, and absolute control of the calibration process. This variant comes with a tripod mount for calibrating front projector displays, as well as expert level features including an unlimited range of calibration settings, display analysis, evaluation of imported images, monitor tuning and matching, and gray balance routines.

All three variants of the Spyder5 series are now available at consumer electronics and photography shops nationwide. For more information, you may visit or their Facebook page.

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