Do you have a TV but don’t have a cable or streaming subscription? have you ever suffered from watching grainy picture quality due to your traditional TV antenna? then read on because this device is for you. Introducing the Starcube Digital TV Box.

Starcube product shot

The Starcube Digital TV Box comes with an active antenna and amplifier, which offers 2 times better reception quality for Digital TV Channels compared to most competitors (Channel availability depends on network coverage) , allowing you to enjoy cable quality pictures. Its also Full HD capable, which means you’re future-proof when local channels upgrade their broadcasts to such quality.


You can plug in your own USB Flash Drive to the Starcube Digital TV Box to enjoy your downloaded content. It also lets you record your favorite episodes for later viewing. It even has an EPG or Electronic Program Guide to help you in planning for which shows you want to record.

Want to relive the last 3 seconds of a finals game? or perhaps the last thing your favorite drama character said before the episode ended? no problem, the Starcube Digital TV Box lets you go back to these moments at the touch of a button.

The Starcube Digital TV Box is distributed by STAR Inc., Starmobile’s parent company, and is now available for a one-time payment of PhP1,290 (Introductory Price). No monthly fees, no lock-in period.

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