I just had the most digitally disconnected Sinulog weekend. I didn’t have consistent internet connection for 4 days as the government and telcos, temporarily shut off the network during the Sinulog for security purposes.

16107435 10154844775145561 6835910929983123218 oSinulog is an annual celebration in the Philippines to celebrate and honor Santo Nino or the Child Jesus. OPPO and M2.Comms took me and other members of the media to join the event and also to help them with their OPPO F1s related activities.

We visited Basilica del Santo Niño for an hour. We took photos of the most visited Church in Cebu, and appreciated its beauty and radiance. As a former seminarian, I had an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. I was a pontifical server too, and the Church’s scent brought back a lot of great memories of my now-defunct path to priesthood.


OPPO Sinulog 2017 35Cebu is home to the succulent lechon and other native Filipino dishes. OPPO and M2.Comms took us to restaurants that offered the best grubs in the City. As one of the biggest street festivities in the country, there was literally food anywhere we looked at.

OPPO Sinulog 2017 8We sang, talked, partied and sorted lingering issues; and all these happened because we didn’t have a choice. We found ourselves singing silly AM-radio advertisement jingles, and thought about crazy blogging ideas. We exchanged pleasantries and jokes (calm or brutal, mostly). We walked along the busy street of Osmena, and greeted “Pit Señor” to strangers. We met new friends, and captured selfies with them because we all thought that while we won’t have the chance to physically meet again, there could be a slight chance for us to reminisce the moment by clicking #OPPOF1sSinulog on our Instagram and Facebook feed.

It was in this state of being “disconnected” we all found ourselves even more connected. We all had the time to “really” reflect, to celebrate and to bond with little or no tarnishment of digital connectivity. People were hungry to physically connect, which I believe is a deeper sense of connectivity. We almost distanced ourselves too much from this, and the experience we all had during the weekend was well worth it.

OPPO Sinulog 2017 12

OPPO Sinulog 2017 23OPPO Sinulog 2017 15Endorphins were high during the weekend despite the absence or lack thereof of digital likes and hearts on our social media feeds. As cheesy this may sound, we didn’t actually care for as long as we’re together and we’ve got the most badass selfie-expert phone in the market.



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