Tech Predictions for 2017: Faster, Bigger, Smarter


2016 has been a year of numerous new innovations and improvements. The industry has seen the newest gadgets: from smartphones, to home appliances and connectivity.

So now, we that are in 2017, what are the things that we can expect from the tech world? Smart, the country’s leading wireless communications provider, has come up with a very interesting list. Let’s take a look.


LTE Dominance

More and more people are now reliant on 4G LTE networks, not only for Social Media, gaming, and watching videos, but more importantly, for their businesses. As such, Smart has been striving to provide even better service by tapping into the 700MHz frequency, which allows for better coverage, which makes for an even better mobile experience.

Fiber on a Budget

Fiber Internet is quickly becoming the trend both for residential and business not only in the Metro but also in far flung areas. As such, PLDT has recently announced that it will be rolling out “Fiber-fast Broadband” using regular phone lines, which would make around 500 building and residences fiber-boosted soon. We can also expect a more affordable service of this category.

Watch Stars or Be the Star

With the emergence of high speed LTE and Fiber networks, we can expect a rise in the demand for live video content. Thankfully, social media sites like Facebook have now given us the ability to easily broadcast what’s happening thanks to the Facebook Live feature.



Seeing the trend of tap-to-go cashless payments, we can expect it to be even more versatile this year. In fact, some convenience stores have already embraced the technology for you to be able to pay with these types of cards.

Cashless Online Shopping

With the existence of new virtual payment cards, online payment is expected to be even more flexible and convenient. There won’t be a need for everyone to own a credit card just to be able to shop online.

IoT for Pinoys

Floor monitoring devices, door sensor, or perhaps a gadget that can monitor your electricity consumption in real-time for each appliance you have at home. These are the things that might come out this year in terms of Internet of Things.

3D Printing for All

3D printing is expected to be a new norm for artists and designers alike. Businesses will also benefit as prototypes of new products can quickly be made with significantly lower costs.





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