It seems that HMD Global has some “interesting” plans at MWC this year, the unveiling of two new smartphones, the Nokia 3, and the Nokia 5, and a modern version of the popular 3310!

The Nokia 5 is rumored to cost around $200, and sports a 5.2-inch 720p display with 2GB of RAM, as well as a 12MP main camera. The Nokia 3 on the other hand, is presumed to be an entry level device and will cost around $150. The currently China-Only Nokia 6, will also be showcased.

The main star of the show however, is the rumored new iteration of the Nokia 3310, which was an absolute hit when it launched back in the year 2000. This device is projected to have a price of only $60.

As to whether all of this are true, and if there’s anything else in the hat, we’ll find out soon enough at MWC later this month.

Source: gizchina

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