YouTube continues its quest of finding more fun, exciting, and innovative ways for fans to communicate with creators by introducing a couple of new features.

Mobile Live Streaming


From now on, creators with at least a 10,000 subscribers can now stream their videos live using the YouTube app! (Soon to be available for everyone) this puts the power of live streaming to thousands of talented creators, paving for a new way of sharing their ideas and talents.The Mobile Live streaming feature is built in to the YouTube app, and can be activated at the tap of the Capture button. Streamed videos can be searched, appear on recommendations, and are also protected from unauthorized use.

YouTube has been working hand-in-hand with a lot of creators to improve and refine the mobile streaming experience. Thanks to their feedback, things like slowing down the chat, and pushing for better streaming quality across devices were done.

Super Chat

And what better way to complement this feature than by adding Super Chat, a monetization tool available in more than 20 countries, and is similar to getting a front row seat in a live concert (in the digital age). What it does is it allows fans to get noticed by creators during a live stream by purchasing highlighted chat messages with added visual flair.

This provides a way for creators to interact with their fans and earn money at the same time. How much you pay determines the maximum number of characters the message can contain, and the amount of that time your message will be pinned.

To view other sample videos, you may click here, or here.

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