ASUS has just announced that one of the newest members of its ROG lineup of peripherals is now available in the Philippine market. Introducing the ASUS ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse.

ROG Gladius II 2D 1 Red Custom

The Gladius II is optimized for FPS games and is designed for right-handed gamers with any type of grip. It features a 12000 DPI optical sensor, and an exclusive push-fit switch pocket design which allows its user to vary click resistance, as well as prolong the lifespan of the device by easily swapping worn-out switches.


It also uses durable Omron switches, which are rated for at least 50 million clicks, and is bundled with another pair of Japanese-made Omron switches for a different feel.

ROG Gladius II 2D 2 Aura and DPI target button 2

A dedicated DPI switch allows players to instantly choose between two levels of sensitivity. There’s also a DPI Target button, which changes the DPI for as long as it is pressed, making it ideal for clutch situations wherein you need instant precision.

The Gladius II is also fitted with Aura Lighting, which lets users choose from a palette of over 16 million colors, along with several lighting effects for that added visual eye candy. It can then synchronize with other Aura enabled peripherals and components to further enhance the look of your gaming setup. The ROG Claymore for example, has a dedicated ROG Sync hot key for instantly synchronizing its lights/effects with the Gladius II.

The ROG Armoury software lets gamers adjust the peripheral’s settings to their preference. Adjusting the lighting effects, configuring performance and calibrating the device, programming and mapping buttons, as well as for creating profiles, all via an easy to use interface.

Finally, the ROG Gladius II comes with two detachable cables: A 2-meter braided cable for desktop use, and a 1-meter rubber cable suited for LAN Parties. It’s also equipped with a special locking mechanism which keeps the cable in place, and a switch at the bottom which releases the MicroUSB cable. It also comes with its own carrying pouch for your convenience.

The ASUS ROG Gladius II is available at PC Hub, JDM, and DFE for an SRP of PhP3,890.



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