Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) Consumer Video Review


The Samsung Galaxy A7 2016, has very nice and sexy contoured glass panels on both front and back side. It feels great in the hand. Really amazing to the touch. It even gives you a somewhat nonslip grip if your hand is slightly moist.

Samsung Galaxy A7 5It has a stylish metal frame, which gives it a touch of luxury and elegance. For me, it is rally one sexy phone.


I am not a gamer or a tech savvy person, just your regular average user. But I find the Samsung Galaxy A7 very quick and responsive. I tried playing some games and watching a few videos on it and I found the experience really nice. Not mindblowing but nice. No hiccups at all.

What I really was fond of was the screen. The size was just ok at 5.5 inches but the resolution was superb. The clarity and colors were awesome. Games graphics and HD movies really popped.

Samsung Galaxy A7 6Viewing angles were great, not too wide, certainly not too narrow. Although sounds from the speakers are not that loud and it had the “small speaker sound” quality.

Samsung Galaxy A7 17I plugged in an earphone and I found out that the earphone volumes were not loud at all even at the maximum setting. Maybe it was just my ear, but I like to hear higher volumes on my earphones.

After about 30 minutes of viewing and gaming, the phone’s upper half seemed to have heated up a bit. I had to give it a rest to cool it down.

The LCD screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4, si it is scratch proof. I tried scratching it with the usual things that you could find your pockets like keys and key-chains. The metal stuff didn’t leave a mark. But the screen was responding to it, so better be sure and check it if the screen is locked before putting it in your pocket. Or just be wary of your keys pocket-dialing someone you don’t like.

Samsung Galaxy A7 1One thing I really didn’t like was the “Briefing” app. The first time I discovered it, I was like “Ok, nice app.” It was the last swipe right on the home screen. After a few “accidental” swipe right’s, the Briefing App always comes on. It was annoying. It can be disabled though but not totally uninstalled.

Samsung Galaxy A7 19The front and rear camera has a large aperture of f1.9 which enables it to take great pictures in lowlight. I tried taking pictures with it in Manila Harbor Square and I liked the pictures it produced.

For the high resolution copies of the photos above, go to this link.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 was a joy to use. It is beautiful and sexy. I would really like to own one. For an average consumer like me, I really cannot think of other things to not like about this phone, and not much more things also that I want to add in it as well.

It is like a nice balance of form and function. For me, only the price will determining factor to buy it or not.