Splitmedialabs has announced the Desktop app, which enables enables content creators to produce live streams and recordings with just a few clicks.

They can also manage their presence across multiple platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Hitbox and Beam, and connect to services such as Steam, Discord, Facebook, and Twitter to grow their audience using the built-in community management tools.


“Becoming a content creator is not easy, first you have to know how to create the content and then you need to make it look good so it can appeal to an audience. Then, once you’ve made the commitment, both in time and money, it can be even harder to get discovered. By leveraging XSplit’s experience, we’ve managed to shape the app into a product that can tackle the major issues content creators face today. With it’s easy to create, easy to make your content look great and easier to find an audience of like minded players.” – Sean Fee, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of 

Combining XSplit’s broadcast technology with Strexm’s overlay integration, it’s now easier to get started with professional looking broadcasting from day one. hosts a number of nifty features such as a built-in overlay editor with hundreds of readily available overlays to choose from and customize.

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Content creators will also be able use the built-in streaming and recording feature to continue using XSplit or OBS while using the overlays. Players can also effective manage their social and content accounts by aggregating them in their profile, along with useful tools for cross posting or uploading.

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Players can use the app not only to connect with their favorite content creators, but also to discover new creators tailored to their preferences. It has over 50,000 game pages to explore, which helps players in expanding their circles, discovering new content, groups, events, and games based on what they are already playing and the creators that they’re currently following.

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Interested players can sign up at to request access to the beta.

For more information, you can visit, or follow their official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

To know more about XSplit, you may visit, or follow their official Facebook and Twitter accounts.



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