You may have heard before that Smart and TnT recently partnered with the makers of Mobile Legends, Moonton. The unprecedented partnership opens subscribers to connection and data-consumption perks in order to play Mobile Legends flawlessly and like never before. Now that Mobile Legends has in-game live function over YouTube, using Smart will allow gamers to stream their games easily.

Smart has been an enabler of entertainment to millions of mobile gamers in the Philippines. By ‘mobile gamers’, we do not only mean ‘people who play games’ but even those ‘who watch people play’. During our recent visit to Davao and Rizal, we noted that Smart’s network is able to download and show streams over Twitch at source quality.


In Rizal, the average download rates in the areas where cell sites have been upgraded are 23.3 Mbps for LTE.

Today, Smart’s commitment to bring faster internet connection and wider network coverage to its subscribers is coming to fruition. Network improvements in Manila, Cebu, Davao and CDO are coming to full play, and it is expected to bring better internet experience to more Filipinos within the year. This new thrust by the country’s most subscribed network, with over 60M subscribers, will connect gamers with little to no issues.

Here’s a quick video, which shows how the network improvement benefits users.

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