Smart Postpaid Plans Now Offer Bigger Data with Call and Text Bundles: Lets You Build Your Own Plan for as Low as PhP399 Per Month


Smart, the leader in wireless, has just announced its improved postpaid plans, as well as a new way of building your own.


The revamped postpaid plans begin with the basic subscription that includes a Smart LTE postpaid SIM, with an even bigger data allocation. What’s more, each plan is now bundled with additional features such as unlimited texts to all networks, all minutes to all networks, and free monthly access to .

At your option, you can make the experience even better by adding a handset to your Smart postpaid plan, or by subscribing to more services to make your tailor your plan with your lifestyle.

Plan Data Allocation
Plan 399 3GB (2GB more than previous version)
Plan 599 5GB (1GB more than previous version)
Plan 799 8GB (1GB more than prevous version)
Plan 999 10GB
Plan 1499 18GB
Plan 1999 24GB
Plan 2499 30GB
Plan 2999 36GB


Each plan also comes bundled with call minutes to all networks, unlimited texts to all networks, and free monthly access to social media apps such as Facebook, Viber, and Whatsapp.

Now, Smart Postpaid plans give you more flexibility without being restricted to limited set of services. All you have to do is choose from any of the baseline offers, and choose whether to use and existing device, or pick from Smart’s portfolio of devices. Any monthly cash out is added to your postpaid bill.

Enhance your postpaid plan even further with Flexibundles, which consist of a number of call, text, and data offerings which you can mix and match monthly. This gives you total freedom over your mobile lifestyle. (To give you a better perspective, watching 10 YouTube videos a day in 4G consumes around 1.7GB of data per month).

If you’re also itching to get a new phone, we highly recommend getting a Galaxy S8 or S8+. Pro-tip: get yourself a Plan 399 + PhP1500 (for phone amortization), and add a one-time fee of PhP3000 for a Galaxy S8, or PhP6000 for Galaxy S8+. Plan 399 includes unlimited text to all networks, 20 minutes all-net calls and 3GB of data per month.

You can also make use of the My Smart Account, an app that lets you check your balance, subscribe to promos, and redeem perks.

With Smart’s Postpaid plans, you can experience the country’s fastest LTE speeds (based on OneSignal’s report, which made use of real-world tests).

Through its continuous and aggressive LTE rollout and network improvements, the telco is gearing up to provide more reliable and higher quality service to its customers across the country.

To find out more about Smart’s newest postpaid plans, you may visit the nearest Smart Wireless Center or go to









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