If you’re planning to take your mother on a road trip on her special day, a proper dash cam is a must. As such, Transcend Information, Inc. is proud to offer the DrivePro 50, a winner of the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award, for the ultimate protection on the road, and a worry-free trip.

Compact Design with Large F/1.8 Aperture and 130° Viewing Angle

The DrivePro 50 is equipped with a large f/1.8 aperture which makes it more suited for capturing details of an incident including license plates even in challenging conditions. It also has a 130° viewing angle and a Full HD imaging sensor for smooth and clear video recording at 30fps. 


The DrivePro 50 sports a compact design and can be installed behind the rear view mirror without blocking the driver’s view.

Built-in G-Sensor for Emergency Recording and Well Protected Footage 

The DrivePro 50 has a built-in G-Sensor which automatically triggers the emergency recording mode when an impact is detected during normal recording. This prevents the footage recorded in emergency mode from being overwritten.

There’s also a dedicated button to manually enable emergency recording mode, which can come in handy in case of fraudulent claims or lawsuits.

Wi-Fi and DrivePro New App & Toolbox

The DrivePro 50 can be operated entirely using an iOS or Android device, thanks to the new DrivePro app. When connected to the DrivePro 50’s dedicated wireless network, a user can stream, watch, and download videos. They can also adjust the device’s settings directly from their smartphone or tablet.

The DrivePro Toolbox lets user group and sort their files easily by file name and date. Windows and Mac users can also play the recorded videos in the DrivePro 50 without having to install separate codecs.

Easy to Install, Bundled with 16GB microSDHC Memory Card

The DrivePro 50 comes bundled with a 16GB Transcend High Endurance microSDHC MLC memory card and an easy to install mounting kit.

The device has a Loop Recording mode, which is enabled by default. This allows the footage in the memory card to be automatically overwritten once it’s full.


The DrivePro 50 is covered by Transcend’s 2-year limited warranty.


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