Almost a month ago, Philippines’ representatives to Computex 2017 had a rare chance to meet and interview ASUS CEO, Jerry Shen. It was my second time to join the largest computer expo in Asia, all thanks to ASUS for sponsoring the trip to cover their events.

ASUS Computex 201748There were a few interesting things that we discovered during our interview with ASUS’ CEO? Apart from the latest laptops, Jerry also discussed a few points, which I thought are worth sharing on this short blog. Check out the video and a quick summary of some of the things we discussed.

  • ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom, according to Jerry, is doing very well well in the Philippines. Made available in March 2017, the smartphone is a favored among mobile photographers. Check out our full review of Zenfone 3 Zoom here on this link. When asked by veteran blogger John Nieves about how it’s doing in other countries, the CEO said that sales have been doing well in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia.
    ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom Review 1
  • It was quite obvious that Jerry was avoiding questions about Zenfone 4, which was not obviously announced during the event. The focus of the company in terms of smartphone is Zenfone AR, so it is understandable that Jerry had to refocus the discussion to it and to their new laptops.
    ASUS Zenfone AR 17
  • When asked about the future of Zenbo and their direction on ICT, Jerry said that they have already laid out their launch plans of Zenbo. According to the CEO, they will Zenbo in China in Q4 2017, then to US, Japan and Europe in 2018. Tagged along the launch of Zenbo are ICT-related products, which act as support technologies to Zenbo’s ecosystem. The latter, which makes Zenbo ready for prime time requires a lot of time as there are tons of application dependencies involved such as translation and voice recognition.
  • We may never officially Zenbo in the Philippines in the next 2 years as the company is focused on bringing products, which are mostly marketed and bought in the country like consumer and gaming laptops and smartphones to name a few.
    Zenbo 2
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