After a successful Closed Beta Testing phase, Ragnarok Online Philippines is all gears set for Open Beta Testing!

The legendary MMORPG which started way back in 2003 was loved by millions of users in the country for over a decade. And now, after two years of hiatus, publishing partners Electronics Extreme and ELITE officially announced that the OPEN BETA TEST (Commercial Launch) of the historical game will start tomorrow, June 29, 2017, at 3:00 PM!

Ragnarok Online has been revolutionized while still keeping most of the core aspects of the original. Named Revo-Classic, Electronics Extreme has made massive improvements to the game’s features, and has now set it to a FREE-TO-PLAY/FREE-TO-WIN game model to maintain balance.

2-2 Classes are set to go live 6 months after the OBT commercial launch, with High 1-2 classes to follow within one to two years.

Concerns about botting or other software used for cheating will be addressed through collaboration with CheatDefender, a game security service, giving gamers the best and quality game experience.

Apart from the release of new maps and the item mall, there are also a number of exciting activities set for players. Thanks to the overwhelming feedback from gamers and fans, the game has been optimized for the best experience possible.

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