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Hooray! We’re giving away a Cherry Mobile Flare J1 2017 courtesy of our friends from Cherry Mobile! This is exclusive to our Facebook Group members! Be sure to check out the qualifications below for more details! Good luck, guys!

A Battle of Look and Feel: Laptop Showdown

When we compare laptops, we usually do focus on performance, battery life, and the lot. Today though, we’re going to do a different spin on our comparison. We pitted four of the most popular laptop brands in a “who has the better look and feel” contest. Yes, it’s not about benchmarks and that stuff today,

Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs iPhone XS Max: Battle of the Flagship Smartphones

We are at the time when it is now more difficult to choose the right flagship smartphone for us. During the heydays of Apple, the iPhone was the only aspirational product by a lot of consumers. For someone who has been writing about technology and gadgets, I am still inside the ecosystem established by Apple

ASUS ROG Phone Review: Your Next Gaming Phone

There was an idea of bringing together the best things about the Republic of Gamers and mobile gaming. The former is known for its superiority in producing gaming laptops, peripherals, pre-built PCs and parts. The latter is a technology with a full-fledged ecosystem. However, Republic of Gamers is foremost a community than a product; it’s

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

The smartphone revolution is upon us. While brands present us with plenty of impressive choices of flagship smartphones, we take note of a few amazing ones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Apple iPhone XS Max. However, consumers have started to take into account the benefits they can get than just having a

Honor 8X: Fortune Favors the Bold

“Fortune favors the bold.” For the uninitiated, or less initiated, yet brave enough to purchase an Honor 8X, the famous quote above will make sense. Honor 8X offers a variety of amazing things that are usually found on flagship devices. Honor Play got our thoughts and feelings initiated with its top-notch performance that can rival

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