Color calibrating your camera and lens ensures that you get the right color with the right shot every time, saving you from unnecessary post-production work and cost. As such, Datacolor Spyder tools which specialize on this task are now available in Lazada through this link.

Image Capturing

Datacolor SpyderCHECKR 24™ is a camera color calibration and white balance target for photo and video color control for on-the-go professional photographers and videographers. It’s designed for both still and motion imaging workflows,  and offers the accuracy of full size, spectrally designed pigment patches, in a thin, portable, affordable color target.


Datacolor SpyderCHECKR™ is the smarter color reference chart that for color calibrating your camera, performing precision in-camera white balance and recording known-color samples. The sturdy, eco-friendly design has 48 spectrally engineered color patches, along with an easy to use calibration software which makes post production faster and easier by getting consistent, predictable color right off the bat.

Datacolor SpyderLENSCAL™ provides a fast and reliable method of measuring the focus performance of your camera and lens combinations. It lets photographers obtain razor-sharp focus and check to see that their lenses are working at their peak performance. This compact, lightweight and durable device also has an integrated level and tri-pod mount.

Datacolor SpyderCUBE™ is designed to calibrate camera RAW image files by determining optimal adjustments to key controls in RAW conversion software. It accelerates RAW processing by providing references for setting the white balance, exposure, black level and brightness right from the start. All the user needs to do is take one reference shot with SpyderCUBE under the same light condition, adjust, save as preset and apply it to the entire series.

Datacolor Spyder5STUDIO is the ultimate color calibration solution designed for photographers who demand the utmost level of control and accuracy for their entire digital color workflow, from capture, to edit, to print.

Datacolor Spyder5CAPTURE PRO is the ultimate bundle with all the essentials for managing color from capture to editing in any photography workflow.

Display Calibration

Calibrating your monitor lets you see images the way they are intended. Display calibration ensures that what you see is what you get.

  • Monitors display colors differently. Most monitors don’t come color calibrated and their colors shift over time.
  • You can’t depend on your eyes. You can’t trust your eyes to adjust your monitor correctly as factors such as fatigue and time of day affect how your eyes see color.
  • Image colors are not true to life. Often, photos don’t look right on your monitor– skin tones area re , whites aren’t pure, blues look cyan.
  • Unnecessary editing time. If your monitor isn’t displaying accurate colors, you will waste unnecessary time editing.
  • Prints don’t match your monitor. With an un-calibrated monitor, colors in printed photos won’t be a match to what you see on screen.

Preserve your memorable moments in True Color with Spyder5

Your monitor is a tool you need to be able to trust. If its color isn’t accurate, you won’t see true-to-life colors, details, and correct skin tones. You’ll also have difficulty in editing your images or get your screen to match your prints. Spyder5 will solve all of that in minutes.

Datacolor Spyder5EXPRESS Helps you see true colors on screen and achieve better print matching. Easy and fast calibration for laptops and desktops.

Datacolor Spyder5PRO is an advanced color accuracy solution laptop and desktop monitors. Comes with room lighting settings for optimal monitor brightness to help you get true colors on screen and in print. 

Datacolor Spyder5ELITE is designed for laptops, desktops and projectors. Comes with room light monitoring and unlimited settings for gamma, white point and advanced grey balancing, for absolute control of your color workflow.

Datacolor Spyder5STUDIO is designed for photographers who demand the highest level of control and accuracy for their entire digital color workflow, from capture, to edit, to print.

Datacolor Spyder5CAPTURE PRO is the ultimate bundle for ambitious photographers and professionals who share images and use external print providers. Includes photography workflow essentials for managing auto focus, contrast, and color – from capture to editing.

Printer Profiling

Have experienced printing a graphic that looked perfect on your computer monitor but with colors completely off in print? Calibrating your printer ensures that what you see on your calibrated screen is what you get on your prints. SpyderPRINT™ ensures a new level of pro-quality reproduction and first-print accuracy for professional photographers, designers, and studios.

Datacolor SpyderPRINT™ is the full-featured solution to manage color in print output. By selecting any combination of printer, ink and media in the software, SpyderPRINT provides tools that allow you to push the limits of advanced inkjets to create high quality prints in color and black and white. SpyderPRINT gives you absolute control of your printer output with the ability to create any number of custom profiles to ICC Standards.



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