GoDaddy, a cloud-based platform dedicated to small independent businesses has just launched its newest Website Builder in the Philippines. It combines mobile-optimized website management along with marketing and e-commerce tools to help in getting entrepreneurs and small businesses online and gain audience.


Websites built using this tool are fully responsive and provide instant visual impact not only on smartphones, but also in tablets and computers. It also has an intuitive user interface that allows people to design a professional website with ease in under an hour, even through a mobile phone.



The tool supports more than 1,500 business ideas or industries. From trades and real estate services to hairstylists, SMB’s and entrepreneurs only need to type in their corresponding sector, and the smart learning system will then produce a nearly-complete website pre-populated with relevant content optimized for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

“GoDaddy’s new Website Builder is fundamentally changing the approach to website creation and is helping customers get noticed, reach larger audiences, and grow their businesses.”

“This new approach is unique as it helps customers reach their audiences and drive real business results and customer insights, all from the convenience of their mobile phone. With GoDaddy’s new Website Builder, small businesses in the Philippines can create powerful online identities that help them thrive.” – Roger Chen, Vice President of GoDaddy Asia.

Key Features of the New Website Builder

  • Mobile Editor – The mobile editor lets users easily create and manage their websites on the go. They can customize the site’s design, upload new photos, or add special events and hours, customers can ensure that their site is always up to date without the need to download another app.
  • GoDaddy’s Smart Learning System – The Smart Learning System intelligently adapts to the actions of the users. For example, upon logging in, customers are given engagement and activity updates in a dashboard view. There’s also advice for connecting their site to a social network to boost online presence and reach more people.
  • Integrated Marketing Solutions – The New Website Builder enables small businesses to quickly improve their Google search rankings and at the same time, help jumpstart email marketing campaigns. Even someone who doesn’t have experience in email marketing can effectively engage with existing and potential customers.
  • Social Media Integration – Websites can be linked to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets in order to reach a bigger audience,  which in turn integrates social media capabilities into prospective marketing campaigns.

To know more about GoDaddy’s Website Builder, click here.

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