Team Gadget Pilipinas emerged victorious yesterday from two heart-wrenching battles at the group stage of Heroes Uprising: Philippine Overwatch Tournament held at Rekt e-Sports Cafe in Katipunan.

gp vs ftcv 1

The first match was held in Watchpoint: Gibraltar against Team FTC.Victorious Secret who was using a triple tank setup and started out pretty solid with their push, but got overwhelmed by Team GP’s solid defensive plays with a 2-2-2 composition (2 Tanks, 2 Supports, and 2 DPS).


gp vs ftcv 2

On offense, Team GP again took advantage of a 2-2-2 dive composition with to hit hard on the enemy team, able to push the payload onto the first point and win the game.

gp vs ftc 1

The second match was against Team FTC in Route 66 and Temple of Anubis. This team used a hero that could somehow prove to be problematic, Mei. The battle on the first map ended up in clutch 3-2 in favor of Team GP.

gp vs ftc 2

Moving on to the second map, the Temple of Anubis, Team GP was pushed back to the second point on defense, but were able to completely shut down the attacking team, and therefore winning the game.

team gp
Team Gadget Pilipinas (L to R): John Lewis (CROWNJUMPER), Sean Regala (NIXIS), Joshua Bernal (JOSHUAH), Oreo Sevilla (OREO), Michico Orange (CHICO), and Domnic Nantes (DOMBULDORE).

Team Gadget Pilipinas will join Mineski, Blast Vikings, Bonus Round, Rekt e-Sports, Back2Gaming, Blast Knights, and Sapnu Puas and compete for the Top 8 matches at the High Grounds Cafe in Quezon City on July 29.

You can watch the rest of the matches at OverRushPH’s Twitch Channel.

Photos: OverRushPH


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