Not too long ago, Globe telecom overtook Smart as the largest telco operator in the Philippines, as reported by MobileWorld Live. Globe crept its way to the top position and finished last year with 66.6M subscribers versus its long-term competitor, Smart with 62.1M subscribers.

Globe’s win in 2016 was eventually “shrugged off” by PLDT, Smart’s parent company. In a report by Inquirer on January 13, 2017, MVP said, “It’s not as important as before. What is important is to take a look at the total telco revenue.”

Tides have definitely turned 6 months later. According to GSMA Intelligence Report, as posted by MobileWorld Live, “Globe’s mobile subscriber base fell 3 per cent year-on-year to 59.7 million, giving it a 48 per cent share at end-June. Rival Smart, the mobile unit of PLDT, moved back into the top spot with a 51 per cent share, according to GSMA Intelligence.”

The drop, based on the report, was caused by Globe’s decline on postpaid and prepaid user base to 2% YOY to 2.5M, and 3% YOY to 57.2M respectively. In the same updated report published by MobileWorld Live based on GSMA Intelligence data, Smart’s subscriber base increased by .54%.

This smartphone is not just for gaming though, as it has enough firepower to accommodate multiple running applications at once.GSMA Intellegence Data / MobileWorld Live

The telco industry is a volatile one, and market share is sometimes defined by marketing and sales efforts by companies, and consumer demand. In the report we gathered from Euromonitor, mobile internet access is essential to Filipinos as caused by low broadband penetration. According to the Executive Summary provided by Euromonitor, ” The reliance on mobile internet means smartphones are the key devices for most citizens, especially as they can forgo owning a laptop or a desktop computer if they only need to access their social media websites and music and video streaming services.” Since January 2017. Smart has been effortlessly improving and introducing new services to Filipinos. The much improved Gigasurf, which Smart introduced last June 2017, got overwhelmingly good attention by subscribers. Earlier this month, Smart introduced their latest LTE home prepaid bundle, Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi.

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