I randomly check my LTE connection every morning to see if the network in my area is upgraded to 4G+ or accelerated 4G. It is a tad faster than usual 4G, and should bring more speed bump to my internet experience. Lo and behold, 4G+ is now available in my area, and I just discovered that the nearest Smart Tower is just a few blocks away from my office.

With this kind of connection, I thought that it’s the perfect time to get a new Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi. Upon checking their site, there’s a bunch of stuff included in the box when I get. It comes with Free 10GB for 1 week (that’s a lot, to be honest)! I can easily load it up with Surfmax if I wish to continue the service. I personally reco SurfMax 995 because you get internet for 30 days with 800mb daily cap. It should be enough for playing for online games and streaming your favorite YouTube and Twitch streamers. I don’t recommend it though for downloading movies on iFlix or Netflix as a full movie would eat around 400mb to 600mb of your data allocation per day.


One more thing about the WiFi device bundled in this package is its compatibility with 700Mhz LTE frequency, which is far more reliable and powerful than other frequencies. It can get through walls easier, which makes it a good back up to your existing home broadband subscription.

LTE Home Wifi

Now here’s the kicker: the bundled prepaid plan isn’t expensive as you may have thought it to be as it’s one time fee is just PhP1,995!

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