Preparations are underway for our first coverage of the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) this coming September. We’ve been given media access for the first two days of the show by the kind folks from TGS. It’s a torturous waiting game for the Gadget Pilipinas crew since we are still almost have a month to go before the actual event.

Thankfully, we’ve been given a heads-up by some PR firms in Japan on what to expect in the TGS floor and from what we’ve seen so far, it has us raising our collective eyebrows. Nevertheless, it pacifies us for the time-being and such content can only add more to the excitement that’s already building up.

Case in point:  Gugenka, a Japanese-anime based VR developer will be showcasing four titles in TGS, each having it’s unique application of VR and AR tech. Check them out below:

1Parallel VR Live

Bunny-hop! We’re on VR live!

A multiplayer real-time VR live interactive experience featuring virtual artist “Shinonome Megu.” Megu can move in real-time and communicate with the audience just like in real life. It can be accessed via mobile, anywhere. More of it, here.

2HoloModels by ARKit

These gunpla will look nice next to my coffee table book…  

For those of us who are into Gunpla but wish they could be scaleable and move on their own, well here’s a quick-fix. The HoloModels app is a smartphone app for iOS using Apple’s latest AR technology “ARKit”, in which you can display figures drawn by 3DCG anywhere you want. Decorate them side-by-side on your desktop or decorate full-scale ones as if they are living together. You can also move them freely as if being remotely controlled.

3Alarm Clock VR! Eromanga Sensei

“Last night was amazing,… you slept like a baby”.

This is one application of VR that completely caught us off guard. Studies have shown that any screen-time before bedtime is detrimental to sleep so we were quite taken aback when this app can purportedly help you sleep with the VR goggles strapped on. The heroine, Sagiri, from the popular anime of spring 2017 “Eromanga Teacher” sleeps beside you and helps you nap. It also wakes you up when it’s time, cheers you up when you are depressed, and eggs you on to work hard. Sounds like it can solve a host of problems so we’ll definitely check this one out. Official link, here.

4Dive!! VR Lesson

This is how we divers chill – with VR headsets by the pool.

Diving from a 10m-high board into the pool board via VR? Not sure how they’ll pull it off when one is standing upright. However, if diving isn’t your thing but the world of the popular anime “Dive!” is, then that’s cool too. This VR app lets you freely move by the poolside, chill with Tomoki, Yoichi and Shibuki and experience the world of the diving masterclass. Speedos encouraged but not required.

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