Global leader in display technology AOC, has once again partnered with 20th Century Fox Film, and is now the official monitor partner of the much awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed action-adventure movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service”, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.”

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The AOC brand has committed itself to bringing the next level of visual experiences to more consumers. Thanks to this partnership, AOC has engaged viewers in new experiences by supporting and promoting films such as “X-Men First Class” and “The Martian.”

In Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Our heroes face a new challenge, as their headquarters is destroyed and the world is held hostage. Their search leads them to find new allies in their US counterpart, called Statesman. The two elite organizations embark on a journey that will test their wits and skills, all with the goal of defeating a ruthless common enemy and save the world.

AOC on the other hand, is dedicated to becoming the go-to brand for users who want a high-tech display solution as part of their mission to solve world-changing issues, in style.

AGON Gaming Displays

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Last year, AOC lunched AGON, a lineup of premium gaming monitors and a gaming lifestyle brand. AGON is a Greek term which means competition; A meaning that is relevant to the continuously evolving PC gaming and sSports industry.

Even a slight edge in equipment can be the difference between victory and defeat. This ties well with the film’s story, where technology plays an integral role in the battle between the forces of good and evil.

As the exclusive monitor partner, AOC will be the first to share the latest updates regarding the film. The brand is also set to launch a series of promotional activities in the Asia Pacific region.

To know more and stay updated, you may visit AOC’s Official Facebook Page and the AOC Gaming Facebook Page.


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