AMD has recently announced the global availability of its Radeon RX Vega Graphics Cards, designed to give gamers access to the best enthusiast level gaming experience possible.

Both the Radeon RX Vega 64 air-cooled cards and RX Vega 56 GPUs, the most affordable way to get into gaming using the “Vega” architecture are now available worldwide.


Radeon RX Vega Graphics Cards are the most advanced consumer cards in the world. Built on the Vega architecture previously reserved for high-end products, these cards make use of innovative graphics technology in High Bandwidth Cache with 8GB of industry-leading HBM2 memory.

These cards are also packed with pioneering capabilities such as Rapid Packed Math, a High Bandwidth Cache Controller, as well as new Geometry and Pixel Engines to better harness low-level APIs and perform well in DirectX 12 and Vulkan games. RX Vega Graphics Cards are set to unleash their full potential as upcoming games are able to take advantage of its extraordinary capabilities.

Radeon RX Vega Graphics Cards boast premium design using state of the art materials, a customizable GPU tach meter and LED illumination. Technologies like Radeon FreeSync are also supported for smooth and vibrant HDR gaming, while the Radeon Software enables maximum performance, stability, and adds new features to improve the experience as new updates arrive.

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Photo: Radeon



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