Tokyo. Game. Show. If I ask you a word to describe each of those three words, you would probably say, “amazing, fun and glamorous”. But put them together and you’ll be at a loss for words. The Tokyo Game Show 2017 is all that and more. And yes, it’s all about games, games, games as one would expect. But more than games, it’s the experience of being in the convention hall itself and being in ground zero for all the possible interaction the developers and promoters have in store for us mere mortals.

We’ll be talking about games in another write-up, so here we’ll focus on what makes TGS special and why, as a Filipino gamer, it’s one place worth experiencing.

The Booths: As big as it can get

One expects to be greeted by seats where one can play a demo version of upcoming games. But boy, the folks here in TGS take your booth experience to another level. Take the BioHazard booth (aka Resident Evil in our shores) for example. Instead of just offering a seat at their demo slots, they up the ante by letting you shoot virtual zombies from an airsoft version of the Eagle Six pistol made famous by the games’ protagonists. You’re given twenty seconds to empty a clip. My trigger-happy self only lasted half of that. I was already grinning from ear-to-ear. And that’s just one booth.

Other booths are just massive in scale and allocate a tremendous amount of space for demos. Capcom’s Monster Hunter World has a huge head of one of it’s monsters – almost the size of a car – jaw agape and with fingers clawing the air to reach you. And behind it, you have maybe around 30 seats with PS4 Pro units running the game.


The Sony Playstation booth was also a sight to behold. Besides the Gran Tourismo VR demos one can try in race car seats, you can also try various VR games that have yet to come out such as Bravo Team, Skyrim VR and Final Fantasy XV Monster of the Deep. Lines in the booths were well organized, with no shortage of manpower to ensure proper queuing. The letdown though is that you can’t pick a game that you’d want to try out – at least for the VR games.

The loot: You just don’t know what you’re gonna get

Any convention wouldn’t be complete without the loot. Having PRESS credentials was a plus, of course. The loot ranged from having free game codes to online games, to toys like fidget spinners with LED flashing words (in Japanese) to officially licensed loot from brands like Razer and Twitch. The best part is that it’s all about games so geeking out because of the loot comes naturally.

Real Baby Real Family

Future of VR: More virtual and less reality?

The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is all about the latest in gaming. And in “gaming” we mean the whole spectrum of games ranging from the simple button-mashing mobile games to the  sensory-overloading, full-body virtual roller coaster. In fact, it is in VR that numerous applications have popped up – pushing the boundaries of what VR


TGS 2017: Huge digital discounts at the PSN store!

It’s been a week since the Tokyo Game Show and the hype surrounding the convention has naturally faded. But if you’re a Playstation owner, you’re in luck. Sony has decided to shower Playstation owners some TGS love. For two weeks ending October 4 (yes, in 4 days), select games at the Playstation store are up


Tokyo Game Show: Day 2 Wrap-Up

If Day 1 was all about big developers flexing their already bulging biceps, Day 2 is all about the up and comers. Housed in two massive halls is where you’ll find official game merchandise, indie developers, VR games, and E-sports. It is, I should say the more experiential side of TGS. And immersion was the


Tokyo Game Show 2017: Over 250,000 Visitors, e-Sports is a Hit!

Organized by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association along with Nikkei Business Publications, this year’s Tokyo Game Show was a massive hit, garnering an attendance of more than 250,000 visitors over four days! Visitors 2017 2016 2015 Day 1 26,564 31,399 29,058 Day 2 31,512 33,634 29,557 Day 3 106,075 98,074 97,601 Day 4 90,160 108,117


Tokyo Game Show: Day 1 Wrap-Up

Day 1 is in the books. Day 1 thought didn’t start as smoothly as planned. A supposed sub 1-hr train ride to Makuhari Messe, where the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is held ended up being 1.5 hrs. We thought, this far-away land should be worth it. After a thousand or more steps from alighting the


Tokyo Game Show 2017: Booths, Babes and yes, Games

Tokyo. Game. Show. If I ask you a word to describe each of those three words, you would probably say, “amazing, fun and glamorous”. But put them together and you’ll be at a loss for words. The Tokyo Game Show 2017 is all that and more. And yes, it’s all about games, games, games as

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Gran Turismo Sport and Gran Turismo Sport VR at TGS 2017

The Gran Turismo franchise is known as one of the best in the league. And now, Gran Turismo Sport is out to solidify that presence once again. A signature feature of this game is its Campaign mode, which teaches you everything from the very basic skill, like how to stop your car properly, to overtaking


Monster Hunter World: Fast-Paced, Action-Packed, Gorgeous

Yes, one of the most anticipated titles is here at TGS 2017, and we were one of the lucky ones who were able to spend a few minutes with it. This is Monster Hunter World. Monster Hunter World doesn’t veer too much away from what you’ve been accustomed to in older versions of the game.


FFXV: Monster of the Deep, Because Fishing is Life

Square Enix has decided to let you have a bit more fun with its newest addition to the Final Fantasy XV story (actually, more of a sideline). With Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep, you can use the PlayStation VR to battle the most fearsome creatures of the seas, and catch them. Yes, you


Detroit: Become Human Lets You Experience the Life of an Android

We are here at Tokyo Game Show to experience the games that are coming out in Japan in this year and in the future! One of the games that really caught our attention is Detroit: Become Humans. The game was developed by Quantic Dreams, the same company that brought gamers unforgettable titles like Heavy Rain


Banzai! Gadget Pilipinas is going to cover Tokyo Game Show 2017!

You know we’re fond of games too right? From checking out the latest available gaming tech to streaming the games we love and down to sponsoring an E-sports team for an Overwatch tournament,  gaming has now become pleasantly intertwined with the blog. And, as gamers, we just don’t play what’s out there. We also like

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The babes: Not the reason why we came to TGS.

I’ll just leave these here.

Can’t wait for Day 2.




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