Twitch Announces Extensions


Nobody can stop Twitch from being the ONLY live streaming first choice for gamers. Just today, the popular streaming platform, Twitch, just announced Extensions.

Extensions on Twitch opens a whole new world of possibilities for game streamers. Soon, streamers will be able to integrate all the necessary extensions to interact with their audience and enhance their broadcasting experience.

Twitch Extensions 2Based on the new feature, it will use Twitch and game metadata to “infuse extensions with real-time information”. It simply supercharges the capabilities of its API and data culled with it. The feature will also facilitate the monetization of streamers will be much easier.


Based on the feature video, integration with popular games such as LOL, Overwatch and Destiny 2.

Growth and community interaction are two of the central features of Twitch Extensions. Featuring and appreciating streamers’ community leaders will be much easier with this brand new feature. Launching polls and perhaps hosting raffle while in-game may be done as well.

Once the new feature goes live, Extensions Manager will be made available to all partner streamers where all available extensions may be downloaded and installed to your stream. Most of the extensions may be put as an overlay on your streams, so it should be compatible on Xsplit, OBS or even BEBO.

There is no word yet if the new Twitch Application will support this in order as a support app for streamers. We also asked Twitch PH’s partnership manager, Julius Mariano, for the availability of the new feature. Watch out as we update this post accordingly.


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