Apart from some juicy information about the upcoming ROG Masters APAC Finals, ASUS also showcased a number of new products that they’re planning to bring to the local market. This includes new keyboards, mice, bags, and now, even apparel.


For Keyboards, there’s the GK2000 ROG Horus with a striking new design, RGB Lighting, and durable Cherry MX Red switches. The entry-level GK100 Sagaris on the other hand, features 23 anti-ghosting keys, 7-color backlighting, and durable keycaps.


The high-end GX1000 Eagle Eye, on the other hand, also uses an 8200dpi sensor, but is equipped with a dpi target button, same as the one you’ll find on the Gladius II, for that short burst of precision when needed.

There’s the entry-level Espada, which uses Omron switches with a 20-million click lifespan, RGB lighting, and a 4000dpi sensor. Then there’s the mid-range GX950 equipped with an 8200dpi sensor, a programmable DPI switch, and user-adjustable weight.


ASUS introduced a full-pledged ROG Ranger Suitcase, with modular bags inside that you can mix and match according to the amount of baggage that you have. Of course, there’s a new iteration to the Shuttle backpack, the Shuttle II along with ROG XRANGER which has a stylish, gladiator-inspired design, and made of ballistic-nylon for water resistance.

For those who want to go more stylish, there’s the new ROG Ranger Messenger, made of durable and lightweight polyester that makes it water and scratch resistant. There’s also enough compartments to safely store your mobile devices and accessories.


ASUS also showcased a new lineup of shirts with three colors: Black, White, and Red, each with its own unique message and style.

Do note that these products are not yet available in PH.

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