When it comes to gaming peripherals, ASUS is a brand that is known to be very creative, and innovative with their products. The ROG Strix Evolve Gaming Mouse is an example of such qualities, sporting an a design that allows it to easily adapt to its user.

ASUS ROG Strix Evolve Gaming Mouse Specs:

  • Connectivity: Wired USB 2.0
  • Tracking: 7200 dpi optical sensor, 30g acceleration
  • Responsiveness: 1000 Hz polling rate
  • Switches: Omron (Rated at 50 million clicks)
  • Price: PhP3,250

Design and Build Quality


strix evolve 2

The Strix Evolve is quite light for its size. It has the familiar Mayan-inspired design on the sides and on the click wheel that makes them easy to grip, and a smooth finish that adds to the premium look. It’s also quite big, even for someone like me who has a big hand.

strix evolve 3

One thing that’s noticeable here is the existence of buttons on both sides of the mouse. That means it’s not only ambidextrous in terms of being able to hold it, but will also function just the same way no matter which hand you use.

strix evolve 4

As with most Strix products, the Strix Evolve has RGB lighting that can be customized via the ROG Armoury software, which we’ll talk about on a latter part of the this review. The only part where there’s actual lighting is on the rear of the mouse. I think it’s too simple, and that they should’ve added more lighting perhaps on the scroll wheel or on the DPI button.

strix evolve 15

But perhaps the most notable feature of this mouse, is its ability to adapt to its user. How? Well, the cover of the mouse is split into the left and right sections. These covers are easily removable and can be switched out with the ones that are included in the box.

strix evolve 12

There are four combinations that can be made here. You can either have an ambidextrous setup with a low or high profile, or a right/left handed focused setup that accentuates the  index finger of the hand that you’re using.

The setup i’m using is a right handed one, wherein the left click button is a bit higher than the right. Now, in terms of ease of use, the difference isn’t really that much compared to using a mouse with buttons with equal height. But it feels more… how should i put it… responsive and natural.


ow 001

When playing an FPS game like Overwatch, the Strix Evolve performed flawlessly as far as responsiveness is concerned. I did however, find that despite being light, it’s a bit harder to move the device across my mouse pad when I had to. Like the material at the bottom and the pad weren’t really a match.

strix evolve 7

Another thing to note is that there are only two DPI settings at your disposal, so testing it to your preference carefully using the Armoury software is a must. Unlike the Gladius 2, there’s also no DPI target button, which is useful for those moments when you just need a sudden increase or decrease in DPI as you fire a shot.

strix evolve 11

The buttons on the sides are for forward and back navigation by default, but I find them a bit too deep and require a bit more force to press. The scroll wheel on the other hand is very responsive and can easily be rolled forward or backward without much effort.


strixevolve sw02

The Strix Evolve works with the Armoury software, which lets you personalize the mouse in so many aspects.

strixevolve sw04

You can change button assignments, set the values for the DPI button, change the polling rate, which determines how frequent the mouse reports its position to your computer. That means you get more precision when you’re playing games that require fast movements of the mouse, such as FPS games.

strixevolve sw03

Of course, Armoury also lets you customize the RGB lighting effect on the mouse. you can synchronize the lighting effects with compatible peripherals, such as the ROG Claymore Keyboard.


The ROG Strix Evolve is a unique product that adapts for the user’s convenience. Though the effects are really adverse. The design is quite simple, well.. too simple really. But it works.

The performance is more than satisfying, though the limited number of DPI settings and the lack of a burst switch may be a deal breaker for some. The RGB lighting is a good plus, and is a signature of the brand’s products, but somehow, it’s lacking in this instance.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this device is that whether you’re right or left-handed, you’ll have access to the same buttons, the same form factor, and the more natural feel of using the mouse without compromise. All you have to do, is switch the covers, and that’s it. If you prefer customization with convenience, this is the mouse for you.

Our Verdict
The ROG Strix Evolve is a unique product that adapts for the user's convenience. Though the effects are really adverse. The design is quite simple, well.. too simple really. But it works.
What's Good
Ambidextrous Design
Covers can easily be changed
Gaming performance
Software offers big room for customization
What's Not
Non-detachable Cable
Only 2 DPI Settings
Side buttons are too deep and require a bit more force to press
RGB lighting looks underwhelming

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