The social media spotlight turned to the Philippines last week during the largest gathering of digital marketing and practitioners at Digicon DX 2017 at SMX. Aptly themed “DX: The Culture of Digitalization”, the digital congress was aimed to help marketers adapt to digitalization. It was spearheaded by Internet Mobile and Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), and – in our honest opinion – it’s the best we attended in Asia since the recent AdTech in Singapore.


Whether you attended or missed the congress, we’re sharing a few points we learned, which we’re pretty sure you’d love to read about.

Data and behavior are indispensable factors in today’s marketing landscape.

Social media was founded by fun and data. Facebook started with a portal to identify which ones are hot or not, and the ‘numbers’ game is an undeniable factor in the equation. Some marketers fail to put ‘behavior’ in the mix though, a factor that can drastically affect any digital strategy and execution. Answering questions “why” is the first step, and questioning the data presented.

Creativity will be an invaluable skill in the future.

If you want to get a job and be relevant in the future, start being creative. This was further stressed by Greg Perez of IDEO Tokyo, when he talked about Role of Design Thinking in Digital Transformation.

When thinking about User Experiene and Design, create personal experience generators

Whether we’re working on design, consider infusing elements that will generate personal experience.

Evoking the human senses and heart is the key to effective engagement. Brian Solis, the principal analyst at Altimeter, talked intently about this matter in his keynote: “Once you feel a truly personal experience, it becomes a new stardard of engagement. Once people taste a new experience that they like, they do not go back, they do not compromise.” Brian Solis, in our opinion, nailed a ton of points during his keynote – an amazing speaker to kickstart an amazing digital congress.

Courage shapes digital transformation

Dn Prasad, Director of People Operations at Google APAC, said that the “Fear of trying gets in the way of transformation.” We cannot help but agree on this as we worked with C-level executives who are, at this point, are not even keen on setting up their own Facebook page because of privacy issues. While this maybe a personal preference, this usually posts an issue on wholeheartedly embracing the value of digital in many industries.

Behaviour hacking, not tech hacking.

In Carlo Ople’s hugot-filled talk at Digicon, he said that the digital transformation in business is about hacking the (behavior and mindset) of people, and not technology.

There you have ’em, guys! Those are the things that made an impact to us at DigiCon DX 2017. We are looking forward to learn more next year! We wish to congratulate the people behind the congress, especially to IMMAP, for the successful event.

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