Good things come to those who wait. If you skipped watching Triple A movies in theaters, they you better check out the growing library of iFlix. Now that iFlix is free to all PLDT subscribers until April 2018, it’s definitely a good time to binge watch all the movies you may have skipped or you would want to watch again.

As for us at Gadget Pilipinas, our eyes were peeled to our screen this recent “long weekend” (you can either say ‘thanks’ to Piston or not), for watching the following videos which you guys might find awesome as well.

1. Up

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

3. Air Force One

4. Real Steel

5. Armageddon

PLDT subscribers are free to watch these new movies. And whatever sub sea cable issues happenes outside the Philippines, streaming these on demand videos will remain unaffected because the videos are locally cached. Yipee!

How about you, guys? What are you planning to watch on iFlix? And what do you think about the free iFlix promotion for PLDT Subscribers?

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