It sucks to have spotty Wi-Fi connection at home. Having a stable and strong internet connection is needed at home, so we have to look for ways to keep this consistent.

As a staple platform at home, the internet is one of the major sources of productivity and enjoyment for the family. However, these things are not confined to just one spot at home. We take our Wi-Fi-connected smartphones to various places at home – sala, bedroom or even at the comfort room – to “snack” on social contents and recording aha and wow moment in our lives. We use our gaming consoles, desktop and laptop computers to play our favorite games; and almost all the time, our games demand stable and reliable bandwidth.

There is a big chance that a Filipino household usually uses a 2.4 GHz router, which covers 150 feet indoors. Put walls and obstacles in between, and you get yourself an obstructed bandwidth reliability. This makes on-demand video streaming buffering and playing games with high ping. Solving this issue may be done in several ways: DIY hacks, router repositioning or buying a relatively more expensive router.

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ASUS Announces ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Wireless Router

ASUS Republic of Gamers has recently announced its newest product, the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300, the world’s first router specifically designed for gaming.   Modern online games require teamwork and precision from every man on the squad. As such, even a second of poor network latency may mean the difference between a loss and a victory.


More often than not, doing the above solutions can either be too comprehensive or expensive. This is where PLDT’s latest solution comes in: Whole Home Wi-Fi – the Philippines’ first intelligent Home Wi-Fi technology designed to blanket the entire home with wireless connectivity.

In a statement said by PLDT and Smart FVP and Head of Consumer Business – Market Development and Concurrent Head of Consumer Digital Solutions Oscar A. Reyes, Jr., “Wi-Fi is not always as easy as we think. With this innovative service, you can let the experts handle the complex technicalities. We want to make it easy for our subscribers to enjoy high-speed and uninterrupted internet at home.”

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How to deal with a messed up Wifi network at home or office?

Our Wifi and our internet network are our most important work assets. While we prefer to get connected to the internet via ethernet, it is crucial for us at Gadget Pilipinas to have a stable and consistent internet connection via WiFi. We have an overpowered router, an ASUS AC5300. It’s one of the best routers


The solution makes everything easy for PLDT subscribers to optimize their Wi-Fi at home. PLDT’s so-called Home Geek Squad – tech expert squads, which PLDT pioneered for this particular solution – will give subscribers end to end servicing from professional assessment of problem areas and Wi-Fi dead spots at home to dedicated assistance and after-sales support.

The Whole Home Wi-Fi with Home Geek Squad services are available to all subscribers who will apply for a PLDT Home Whole Home WiFi Plan 3499. Existing PLDT Home subscribers who are interested to have this solution can just simply upgrade to the Whole Home WiFi Plan 3499.

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