VR technology has immense potential fro gaming and other applications, but requires quite a bit of investment in fast and powerful GPUs and CPUs.

One of the best ways to meet this demand is with DirectX 12, a programming interface that gives developers more direct access to the GPU and CPU hardware.

Knowing this, the folks at Futuremark have recently updated their popular software VRMark benchmark with a new test environment called Cyan Room. It runs exclusively in DirectX 12, and showcases the potential of next-gen tools that make VR more compelling.

Cyan Room also highlight’s AMD’s unmatched performance on this front. From the data, you can see that Radeon GPUs show a clear lead against the competition, meeting the demands for today’s VR headsets by delivering 90 frames per second in the test.

The VRMark Cyan Room test shows a future wherein VR developers can use the potential of next-gen programming interfaces such as DirectX 12 and Vulkan to harness Radeon and Ryzen’s full capacity in order to create even more immersive VR experiences moving forward.


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