Do you want to have your very own Vivo V7+? the brand’s current flagship with a 24MP selfie camera and a 5.99-inch 18:9 display? Well, here’s your big chance!

As a way of saying thank you to its fans, Vivo has recently announced the Ultimate Selfie Challenge – consisting of three tasks that you should complete in order to win a special prize. In this case, a brand new Vivo V7+!

Vivo Ultimate Selfie Challenge

Can you defeat Vivo's Ultimate Selfie Challenge and win the new Vivo V7+? Watch how these brave souls took a shot at V7+ victory! Tag your friends whom you think can handle the challenge and we'll see you on the next leg! #VivoUltimateSelfieChallenge

Vivoさんの投稿 2017年11月8日(水)

Level 1: Take That Clearer Selfie Shot

  • The challenger will stand in front of a Vivo V7+ phone unit.
  • The challenger has 7 seconds to pose for a clearer selfie where all he/she need to do is take a perfect selfie.

Level 2: The Lucky 3 Groufie

  • The challenger has 77 seconds to convince 2 random people at the mall to join him/her for a Lucky 3 Groufie shot.
  • All three people including the challenger will fit in the V7+ frame for the Groufie shot.

Level 3: Hold That Selfie

  • The challenger has to stand in front of the Vivo V7+ phone.
  • A random wacky picture will pop on the screen. The challenger has 7 seconds to look at the picture and imitate the pose.
  • After the 7 second mark, the challenger should hold his/her selfie pose and maintain it for 7 minutes!

Vivo also recently launched the V7, a more compact variant of the V7+ with a 5.7-inch all screen display, and also packs a 24MP selfie camera.

You can catch the Vivo Ultimate Selfie Challenge at malls near you. Beat all three levels and get to take home a Vivo smartphone as your prize – an awesome gift this holiday season.

Check out our review of the Vivo V7+ here.

To know more about Vivo and its products, you may visit their website, or follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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