One of the best ways to remember not just the holiday season but any important moment in our lives is to look at them again and again through photos. And while digital is now the new way to go, having these memories in the palm of your hand just makes things extra special.

The HP Sprocket is a pocket printer that’s built specifically for such a purpose. With its easy to use app interface, there’s just one thing you’ll want to do – print, print and print.

Check out our unboxing of the HP Sprocket Printer below:

Here’s five ways of spicing up your holiday season with the Sprocket!

As a Christmas Decor

Apart from the tradition lights, why not line up your walls with pictures you’ve taken? it’s a good startup to a conversation for house parties. And who knows? that long-planned out of town trip may finally become a reality!

As a Customized Gift Card

Instead of using store-bought gift cards, why not use your photos with a message a the back? with the Sprocket app, you can easily add messages to your photos, and the simply peel off the back of your printout so you can stick them on the gift box! easy and special, right?

As a Personalized Gift for the Ones Close to Your Heart

If you want to go the extra mile, why not make a scrapbook or a board filled with your photos as a gift? it looks good on just about any desk, and it gives your loved ones a simple and meaningful way to remember those precious moments.

As a Souvenir in Parties

For any party, you need a device that helps you in making sure that precious moments are captured in the most creative way possible. Trust us, you’ll be thanking Sprocket next year!

For Your 2018 Planner

One great way to customize your planner is to fill them up with photos you’ve taken from the past year, to inspire yourself to be even better and make more memories this year!

The holiday season is the perfect time to look back and at the same time, start to get ready for the year ahead. Let new beginnings inspire you to take the risk and jump into those new adventures that you’ve always wanted to try out. And when you do, bring Sprocket with you!

The HP Sprocket is available in HP’s Official Store in Lazada.

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