The year 2018 is just around the corner. But before 2017 wraps up, let’s look back at what smartphones trended online this year. Google recently revealed its Year in Search for the Philippines in 2017. The lists definitely gave an insight on what’s trending in Filipinos’ culture and events. But there’s one particular list that matters to us the most. Here are the most searched smarrtphones in the Philippines in 2017 as revealed by Google Trends:

10th Place – Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 3G Charcoal front


The reincarnation of a Nokia classic, the Nokia 3310 was hugely popular back in 2000. Now, the new version has got the attention of fans of the original.

9th – OPPO F3

OPPO F3 Red 2

With its performing dual front-facing cameras, the OPPO F3 was marketed for selfies and group selfies fans. It performed really well in sales just like its siblings, which are also on this list.

8th – Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime


With its modest specs and trusted household name, the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime has captured the loyal, budget-oriented Filipino fans under its belt.

7th – Nokia 6

nokia 2 white 840x629


The Nokia 6 first launched in China before making its way to the global market. It seemed like HMD granted the fans’ wish to have a true Android-powered phone from Nokia.

6th – Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

j7pro u06 Custom

With its beautiful low-light camera performance and gorgeous endorser Liza Soberano, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro did garner massive Filipino fans. It definitely upstaged its equally popular predecessor, the Galaxy J7 Prime.

5th – OPPO F1s

f1s v5 23

The OPPO F1s was launched back in 2016, but its popularity lasted long enough to make it one of the top searches for phones even in 2017. This phone is one of the early devices that brought the selfie game to the next level.

4th – OPPO F5

oppof5 unit b 18

With its AI selfie feature, great gaming and low-light camera performance, and an almost bezel-less display, the OPPO F5 beat its predecessors’ popularity online.

3rd – Huawei Nova 2i

Nova 2i 28

With its balanced specs-to-price ratio and offers plenty of features against the competition, no wonder the Huawei Nova 2i gets high on the list of most searched smartphone.

2nd – Apple iPhone 8

iPhone 8 or iPhone X 7

On the second to the top spot, Apple’s latest smartphones come as no surprise. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus are beautiful and powerful albeit refreshes of last year’s models. But they are not the ones that takes the top spot for the most searched smartphone in 2017. It goes to their new brother…

1st – Apple iPhone X

iphonex ph 2
Photo: Apple PH Website

Yes, the iPhone X. The most premium phone from Apple, not to mention the most expensive phone in the market, is the most searched phone in the Philippines in 2017. Even though the phone came late in the year, it managed to skyrocket to the top.

Based on the top ten list, you can see how Filipinos look for devices that are currently up on the market. For the budget-conscious, they go for trusted names; for the mid-range, they start to find the trending bezel-less phones; and for the high-end, Apple is, as always, assuredly dominating.