NVIDIA has recently introduced the newest weapon for PUBG’s upcoming desert map at GeForce.com, the R45 Revolver.

This six-shot weapon will be available when PUBG goes out of early access later this month, and is available as a world spawn item. It’s a replacement for the R1895 Revolver from the Erangel map, which will not be available in the desert map.

PUBG supports NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights, which will capture your best kills with the R45, and the deaths that may occur should you miss. To play PUBG in 4K, You’ll need an NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti graphics card.

, The R45 Revolver is the Newest Weapon in PUBG’s Desert Map, Gadget Pilipinas, Gadget Pilipinas

PUBG continues to reaffirm its position as the world’s most popular PC game, with record-breaking numbers on Steam, and over 24 million copies sold. It’s scheduled to leave early-access – adding a new desert map, vaulting, and a ton of new features and improvements.

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